Disinfectant Spray 16.5 Oz - Made in USA

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Spray disinfectant 16.5 oz. Made in USA.


Hospital-type formula spray disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs in 20 seconds and 100% of germs in 10 minutes, including HIV-1 on precleaned environmental surfaces or objects.


It's a quaternary spray disinfectant cleaner, germicidal, viricidal and also prevents mold and mildew on hard surfaces.



For disinfection of inanimate surfaces.


Use to disinfect metal or glazed porcelain urinals, plastic or ceramic tile shower stalls, metal or plastic diaper pails, garbage cans, light switches and telephones, and non-wood surfaces of toilet seats, empty hampers, athletic equipment and lockers.

Spray 6 inches from the surface for 10 minutes before to wiping off.


For disinfection of inanimate non-food contact surfaces.

Spray 6 inches from surface until surface is wet. Allow disinfectant spray to remain on the surface for 20 seconds before wiping off.


For sanitizing soft, non-food contact surfaces (fabrics).

Spray until fabric is wet. Do not saturate. Fabric must remain wet for 60 seconds. Let it dry. For difficult odors repeat application.


For control of mold & mildew.

Prevent mold and mildew on hard surfaces such as glazed ceramic, metal and glass, in basement closets, attic storage areas, summer cottages.

Spray 6 inches from surface until surface is wet. Repeat application every seven days or when new growth appears.


For space deodorizer and air freshener.

Use to deodorize meeting rooms, classrooms, kitchen, bathroom, office, sickroom, living room and churches.

Spray upward for 3 seconds into corners as well as center room, filling room with mist.